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XQuery 1.0 coming soon

28 Nov 2006

XQuery 1.0 has become a W3C Proposed Recommendation (along with XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0). This has been a long (unbelievably long) time in coming and I’m glad to see this technology finally becoming official. There is still a small bit of finalization that will occur before XQuery becomes an official W3C Recommendation and this will not happen till at least January.

XQuery is not a perfect language, but it is pretty good for a lot of data-oriented XML processing use cases and certainly a lot more natural than XSLT for my relational-dbms trained brain.

Congrats to the XQuery team for sticking with it!

You can see some more links on this news on Jonathon Robie’s blog and Matija Lah’s blog.