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Java 7 Features

30 Jan 2007

Just for fun, I’ve collected a list of possible Java 7 features and information about each. At this point, the list is far from solid but I think I’ve captured most of what I’ve seen discussed by Danny Coward and others and annotated it with the best information I could find (without actually doing much work).

I must state that I have absolutely no inside information on any of this. Treat it the same as you would any information that some dork with a keyboard typed up and put on the Internet. (In other words, as absolute truth.) If you happen to have better descriptions, links, examples, or beer, feel free to send it my way at . I’ll try to keep [the page](http://tech.puredanger.com/java7) updated as info becomes available.

Full disclosure: I work for BEA, but not in any way connected to Java, the JVM, the JCP, etc. In fact, they’d probably tell me to stop messing around and do some real work if I asked.