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Error messages that suck

12 Feb 2007

I see this error a lot when trying to invite a new contact on Yahoo! Messenger. I thought I’d rant about it here instead of opening fire on my co-workers:

It may have succeeded. Thanks, that helps. I expect my software to know whether it finished something. That’s not too much to ask. They give me instructions on how to determine whether it did or not (seems like they could check that) but they ask me to check it “later”. How much later? Is it going to finish sometime later? How will I know?

How long was it expected to take? Can I change that? Should I?

Should I try again? Was this my fault or the software or the network? Give me a freaking clue. If I try again will it do bad things (especially if it might finish successfully “later”)? I don’t really want to be actively bothering the person I’m trying to invite so I it would be helpful if there was some indication as to whether I will be annoying them if I retry the action.

And why is the box so damn big? It’s not resizable and seems a lot bigger than necessary.