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Red Hat buys MetaMatrix

24 Apr 2007

There is breaking news of Red Hat acquiring MetaMatrix and open-sourcing the MetaMatrix technology. As former chief architect at MetaMatrix , the MetaMatrix Server was my baby for a long time. So, I’m quite happy to see that the technology will survive and even be opened to the light of day (my reaction: half-joy, half-shudder :). I’ve since moved on from MetaMatrix but I wish them success and congratulations.

I think that Red Hat/JBoss is a great place for the data integration and metadata management technology that MetaMatrix developed. My area of deep expertise at MetaMatrix was in the federated query engine that supported relational and XML processing across a heterogeneous set of data sources. In particular, we had some great query optimization technology and a high-performance and scalable query processing engine. Underneath that was a Connector API with connections to all your favorite databases and data sources and on top was access via JDBC, ODBC, and SOAP. So, you could easily suck in the metadata from an Oracle and SQL Server database, join across them, and make them look like one unified data source through MetaMatrix JDBC. Cool stuff.