Pure Danger Tech



02 May 2007

I got a new pair of wireless bluetooth headphones this week and so far, I’ve been really happy with them. Specifically, I got the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones:

They come with the headphones, a small wireless transmitter (maybe 1″x1″x0.5″) and a recharger. The recharger has two jacks and can recharge both the transmitter and headphones at the same time. You also get some thin plastic plates that make the transmitter mate up properly with a variety of different MP3 players. I haven’t gotten around to using it that way but seems like it will work fine.

Sound quality has been pretty good. I read some complaints out on the web about it, but honestly I don’t think it’s substantially different than my wired headphones. The sound was definitely quieter, so I had to jack up the volume a bit more than with my wired headphones. I have occasionally had drops, especially right after I started listening. After that, I’ve listened for hours at a time without any sort of drop. In general, it’s been a non-issue.

I was worried that the headphones would be too heavy, but they’ve actually got a really good feel. The ear pieces are solid and compact and fit well on my ears. The ear pieces hold on to each ear with a little rubber strap that hooks over your ear. I was dubious, but you can’t really feel it when you put it on. I might look like a dork, but honestly, I’m in dorksville already, so I can’t imagine it matters. The band goes around the back of the neck, which I actually like a lot than the over the head ones. It’s not adjustable, so I can imagine that people with weird shaped heads might find them uncomfortable? The band itself is kind of rubbery and flexible, not rigid, which is actually a lot better than the band on my previous headphones. They are also relatively comfortable to wear off around your neck, which is important if you take them on and off a lot (at work or getting on and off planes).

I was a little concerned about how long the battery would hold out and how long it would take to recharge it. So far, it has surpassed my expectations, although they were pretty low. I’ve been able to get a couple days of intermittent use out of the battery before needing to recharge, which takes an hour or so. That’s good enough that it doesn’t bother me. With a little forethought, I can charge at night and always have it ready to go. The headphones and charger both turn off after done charging or if not used for a while, saving battery.

In summary, I’m sold. If you want to go wireless, they’re worth trying out. I really enjoy being able to get a soda from the other room without needing to muck with the ‘phones. I haven’t tried to test out their range, but they’ve worked as far as I’ve taken them so far, probably 25-30 feet and several intermediate walls.