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Java 7 Roundup (August 20th)

20 Aug 2007

This is a weekly update on new Java 7 information. All current and previous information is maintained on my Java 7 page.

There was a pretty good discussion of Java 7 this week on the Drunk & Retired podcast #104. I had some followup comments that I blogged as well.

The java.net editor discussed the debate over language changes in Java 7.

And a new Java 7 build, Java SE 7 b17 is now available. There were a couple of interesting items in the included RFEs: some Java Kernel work to reduce the size of the kernel by removing the parallel garbage collector and an addition for BitSet bulk import/export.


I added a new section this week for the JSR 284 Resource Consumption Management API, which released a proposed final draft this week. The API will allow for partitioning resources (constraints, reservations) among Java applications and for querying about resource availability (notifications). It will also provide means of exposing various kinds of resources. Example resources are heap memory size, CPU time, open JDBC connections, etc. The goal is to allow resources to be managed so that multiple applications might run simultaneously in a JVM and be given finite amounts of memory, cpu, etc. This JSR will build on top of JSR 121 Isolates.

More info: JSR 284


Jean-Francois Denise put up some helpful information on securing the JMX web services connector with HTTPS. The JMX web services connector is covered by JSR 262.

More info: JSR 262

Language Proposals

This week I mentioned an idea for named parameter support in Java and Michael Nischt

took the idea and fleshed it out in some detail – check it out! Many thanks to Michael.

More info: Language suggestions