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09 Sep 2007

I just happened to be watching my credit card statement a little closer than normal this month and saw a $10 charge from WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS from a company in Connecticut. I was fairly certain that I had not made any such charge, so I did some quick googling to find sites like this and this with 1000s of comments from people similarly scammed.

This company (WebLoyalty.com) appears to automatically sign people up through various Internet travel sites. They sign you up for a subscription that shows up as a $9 to $11 charge every month. It’s low enough and innocuous looking enough that you can shrug it off as some miscellaneous Internet charge you forgot. Many fairly popular sites like expedia.com, movietickets.com, etc can lead to these charges.

I looked back through old statements and found that they’ve been charging me for 10 months, so I’m $100 down so far. Their office is closed now but I will be raising some hell tomorrow.

Check your statements!



Call the company and ask:

  1. To cancel your enrollment
  2. To get all your money back
  3. How you got signed up

They are typically happy to comply with all of those. If they comply with stuff like this, people complain less and have less grounds to sue them. :)

If you want, you can file a Better Business Bureau complaint against WebLoyalty, Inc. Or file a complaint with the web site you were using when you were registered. The web site gets a cut, which is why they do it. But if they lose customers because of it, they might change their minds.