Pure Danger Tech



14 Sep 2007

I went to the St. Louis Java User’s Group last night to see Eric Redmond present on Maven. Pretty good presentation and I learned a lot. Eric has been helping (Terracotta) to move into the Maven world lately so it was good to meet him in person. (Is it just me or does Eric remind you of a geeky version of Quentin Tarantino? Eric, I mean that in a good way.)

I like a lot of the things that Maven is doing. I haven’t really used it enough to believe I have a meaningful opinion although I’ve heard lots of things from people that are both very much for or against it. I was especially interested to see the ability to effectively sync up an Eclipse (or other IDE) based developer build with the “official” build done by Maven outside the IDE. That’s pretty slick and is something that I’ve found to be devilishly hard to pull off (even though it’s worth the effort).

Now that Terracotta is using Maven in earnest, I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with it and learning it a little bit better.