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Java 7 Roundup (Sept 17th)

17 Sep 2007

This is a weekly update on new Java 7 information. All current and previous information is maintained on my Java 7 page.

Kelly O’Hair posted another update this week on the transition to using Mercurial for source control. Sounds like the switch is imminent in the next few builds.

Speaking of builds, a brand new Java SE 7 b20 is available. As mentioned last week, they’ve split things up with a new langtools project that contains javac, etc.


I posted last week about JSR 277 and this was the beginning of a series of posts last week on the subject. We had a nice writeup from InfoQ, some follow up thoughts from me and a response from Weiqi Gao. Glyn Normington posted that there is still hope that things will work out in a suitable fashion.

More info: JSR 277


tgreen posted that his project Verdantium treads some similar ground as JSR 296 and promised some follow-up information.

More info: JSR 296

Language Proposals

Ricky Clarkson, who is clearly way smarter than I am, has written a post on point-free programming suggesting some enhancements to the closure proposals for Java 7.

More info: Closures