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Upcoming Presentations

17 Sep 2007

I thought I would drop a shameless plug here for some upcoming presentations I’m doing.

First up, I will be speaking at the No Fluff Just Stuff Gateway Software Symposium the weekend of Sept. 28-30th. If you’re in St. Louis I hope to see you there as it should be a great show! Both of my presentations will be on Sunday Sept. 30th:

  • Cluster Your Cache – Learn how Terracotta can scale your Hibernate cache across a cluster for high performance. Go beyond traditional second level caching to see how Terracotta can provide high performance and scalability by reducing the load on your database.
  • Collections 201 – Did you know that Java 5 and 6 added 8 new interfaces and 16 new collection implementations to the JDK, more than doubling its size? We’ll explore the expanded Collections API and learn how to choose the perfect collection to match your application taking into account performance, concurrency, and more.

Also, I will speaking on October 11th at the St. Louis Java User’s Group on Concurrency with Mandelbrot. I’ll be talking mostly about single VM concurrency techniques (focusing on the new stuff in java.util.concurrent) with some additional topics on scaling beyond the VM. And I’ll be making some Mandelbrot images along the way… :)