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Java 7 Roundup (Oct 2nd)

02 Oct 2007

This is a weekly update on new Java 7 information. All current and previous information is maintained on my Java 7 page.

Kelly O’Hair posted the third update on the transition to Mercurial for source control. The plan is that build 22 will be the last build using the old Teamware system and build 23 will be the first on Mercurial. They’ve also looked at code conventions and converted all tabs to spaces. Let the flame war begin… :)

Speaking of builds, Java 7 build 21 was released this week. Build 21 breaks out a few more pieces from the main workspace – corba, jaxp, and jaxws.


InfoQ posted an interview with Peter Kriens this week, who is well known in the OSGi community. There were a number of interesting exchanges related to JSR 277.

And we also got the news this week that Glyn Normington (member of both JSR 277 and the OSGi JSR expert groups, and general voice of reason) is leaving IBM and thus also leaving the JSR 277 expert group. This is a big loss to the group but it sounds like Glyn is heading for another great opportunity, so I wish him luck!

I also would be remiss if I didn’t the just released Java SE 6 Update N (beautiful name) which is the formerly known Consumer JRE or Java Kernel. This is an early access version but it pulls together a lot of great work to improve the Java web experience, including an improved download and startup experience (based on the kernel work), new look and feel (Nimbus), better graphics acceleration, and better detection of the user’s Java version. This is nice work from Sun and I’m super glad to see it in Java 6, not waiting for Java 7. Kudos to whoever made that call.

More info: JSR 277


Stephen Colebourne spent some time this week reviewing JSR 275, the units and quantities JSR, which might have some overlap with the durations and time units being defined in JSR 310. Sounds like the results weren’t too encouraging but you should read his comments for the details.

There has also been a ton of traffic on the JSR 310 mailing list in the last week, more than I’ve had time to assimilate. But of particular interest (if you wish to give feedback) are these updated pages on JSR 310 progress:

Stephen is actively looking for feedback on these, so if you’re interested in the new Date and Time API, please give them your attention and provide feedback on the mailing list.

More info: JSR 310, JSR 275

Language Proposals

Chaotic Java had a post this week about type inference and whether it would be worth it.

Lots and lots of stuff this week on the good old property debate, summarized here:

More info: Properties