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Presenting this week in St. Louis on concurrency

08 Oct 2007

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder that I will be speaking at the St. Louis Java User’s Group this Thursday (Oct 11th). The title is “Concurrency with Mandelbrot” and will be kind of a guided tour of a bunch of concurrency topics, using a Mandelbrot generator as the example program.

This presentation will be largely (if not entirely) code-based. We’ll start with a simple non-threaded example and evolve the program throughout the session to demonstrate a variety of tools, tips, and techniques. We’ll look at the Java Memory Model, volatiles, atomics, locks, latches, barriers, concurrent collections, executors, and more.

I’m really excited about this presentation – the examples are coming together nicely and of course it’s fun to be drawing Mandelbrot images. If you’re in St. Louis and interested in Java and concurrency, please stop by!

If you can’t make it, I’ll probably be building the presentation out into a set of blogs in coming weeks (depending on time available of course) so keep your browser tuned to this station.