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The Terracotta book

10 Dec 2007

I’ve mentioned recently that other writing has been taking precedence lately. I guess the cat is out of the bag now as our CTO Ari mentioned today that we are working on The Definitive Guide to Terracotta from Apress.

This is a group effort with many great writers at Terracotta helping out. Besides Ari, we also have Jonas Bonér, Geert Bevin, Orion Letizi, Taylor Gautier, Steve Harris, and Kunal Bhasin participating in the writing.

Personally, I am writing chapters about distributed caching (a core use case for Terracotta), and our integration modules. The Terracotta Integration Modules (“there are some who call me….TIM”) allow you to bundle up the configuration needed to cluster a library. Terracotta provides support for many popular open source libraries like ehcache, Lucene, Quartz, Hibernate, etc. We also provide tools for you to build your own modules and even the ability to host them on our Terracotta Forge, which is being officially announced any day now.

As Ari mentioned, if you want to receive future news about the book, you can email “bookupdate AT terracottatech DOT com” to get on the list.