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Java 7 Roundup (Dec 28th)

28 Dec 2007

This is a weekly update on new Java 7 information. All current and previous information is maintained on my Java 7 page.


Eamonn McManus Eamonn McManus announced the release of the JSR 255 Early Draft, which will define JMX 2.0, presumably for inclusion in Java 7. You can download the early draft now.

More info: JSR 255

Language Proposals

Stephen Colebourne put together a great comparison of the closure proposals. The BGGA closures proposal has obviously received the lion’s share of the attention due to the prominence of Neal Gafter and his working prototype, but there are other proposals equally worthy of consideration.

Michael Kölling had an interesting post on how we should be evaluating the different closure proposals using HCI. I think he has a lot of important points.

Cay Horstmann recently had a post that properties get no respect reigniting some discussion on properties. He also announced the creation of a wiki to track various properties ideas and background.

Finally, Thomas Hawtin proposed an alternative to chained invocation which involves just some syntax sugar for using anonymous inner class instances to create builders.

More info: Closures, Properties, Chained invocation