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Demand a paper trail for your vote!

08 Jan 2008

Clive Thompson (one of my favorite journalists) had an excellent article on voting machines and the myriad ways they suck. Which is not to say that I’m opposed to electronic voting. But based on everything I’ve read about the companies that make them, their complete lack of transparency, and the vast array of problems that have been found by pretty much every security review I’ve ever seen, I deeply mistrust the current crop of electronic voting machines.

For now, I want a guaranteed paper ballot so we can actually recheck and verify the results of the 2008 election. As it turns out, there is a bill, the “Confidence in Voting Act of 2008”, that would do just that. If you care about this as well, right now would be an excellent time to communicate that to your representative about the issue!

MoveOn.org is running a petition campaign about this or you can also check out http://www.GetItStraightBy2008.org and fill out their petition as well.