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Announcing a Java 7 link blog

12 Jan 2008

I’ve been doing weekly updates on Java 7 for about a year now. For a few months now the weekly roundup format has felt a little stale. So I’m killing it. I’m going to continue tracking links but now I’m going to provide these links in a separate tumblr feed. This feed will be almost entirely links, occasionally with a brief description.

I think this gives many of the same benefits as the weekly roundup but with a lot less effort on my part. I will continue to maintain the Java 7 page as I think that gives a great archival view of the discussion around various features. I will also blog occasionally on Java 7 topics that I find particularly interesting and include those in the Java 7 link blog.

A year ago, for no particular reason, I got interested in what was going to be in Java 7 and went hunting for information. At that point, little cohesive information existed and there was no page that really tied together the possible feature space. I was dumb enough to create such a page myself and since then I feel it’s grown into a useful resource. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has sent me links, answered my emails, and generally helped me make this useful. I hope you find the new Java 7 link blog interesting as well…