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Java closures update

17 Jan 2008

As I mentioned a few days ago, I won’t be doing regular Java 7 roundups anymore, but I will occasionally tie together some recent links for you.

There have been a couple interesting developments on the closures front this week that I thought I would mention. First, Rémi Forax has put forth his own closures proposal which has something like the power of BGGA, a new syntax, and a function orientation akin to FCM. As always with these sorts of things, the comments are as interesting as the post.

Also, Mark Mahieu has put together a prototype of the CICE/ARM proposal favored by Josh Bloch. CICE is mostly some nice syntactic sugar to make the creation of anonymous inner classes with one method a lot cleaner. ARM is a complementary proposal to support the automatic use (and cleanup) of resources within a block, which is a key use case targeted by the closures proposals.

This is really exciting as we can now try out prototypes of Neal’s BGGA proposal and CICE and see how they work. Stephen Colebourne has hinted at a possible prototype for FCM/JCA as well, which would be great.

If you’re interesting in seeing links to Java 7 stuff as they come in, please check out the Java 7 Link Blog (RSS).