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01 Feb 2008

Today’s post is all shamelessly about me.

Item 1: I’m quoted today in the New York Times via InfoWorld. Paul Krill called me up yesterday for a quote about the Da Vinci Machine, which is the new name for the Multi-Language VM project started by John Rose. The project is designed to prototype changes to the JVM in support of dynamic languages such as invokedynamic, tail call optimization, anonymous classes, etc.

Paul actually misquoted me (go figure) saying that “there are certain things that are complicated or obscure with the use of [dynamic] languages” when I really said that certain things are complicated or obscure with implementing dynamic languages on the JVM. Ah well. Nice article otherwise though.

Item 2: I have a newly added date on the No Fluff tour – I’ll be hitting the fair city of Omaha the weekend of April 4th-6th. If you’re in Omaha, come on out and find about collections, design patterns, Terracotta, concurrency, and more. I’m looking forward to it!

Item 3: I got my JavaOne responses this morning – one rejection and one acceptance as an alternate. As an alternate, I guess I get to step in and talk if enough people drop out of speaking or say…get kneecapped by a guy named Vinnie, if you know what I mean. Anyone out there been an alternate before? I’d be curious what the likelihood is of me actually getting bumped up. Anyhow, I still get a badge, so it looks like I’ll be attending my first JavaOne (hard to believe it’s my first)!

And that closes the ego edition…