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Blog drought

09 Mar 2008

Just wanted to mention that my recent blog drought will likely continue a little longer. Between preparing various No Fluff conferences, getting slides ready for JavaOne, finishing a release at work, and final edits for the Terracotta book, blogging has been pushed way down the list.

Many thanks to all who came to my talks at the Gateway Software Symposium,

by the way. If you haven’t yet filled out your online evaluations, I urge you to please fill them out! Not just for my talk of course, but for all the talks you saw. These evals are really valuable for us speakers as it’s sometimes hard to tell whether what we’re doing is on the money or off in the weeds. The more useful feedback we get, the better we are for the next crowd. If you have follow-up questions or comments, feel free to drop me an email too at contact at puredanger com.