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Twitter good

08 May 2008

Just saw this post about reasons people Twitter. After having been on Twitter for 2 weeks I completely disagree with all of these except maybe weakly on #4 – I don’t use it for any of those reasons.

So far the benefits I’ve seen from using Twitter:

  1. News – I see links and news of interest to me faster than I do via blogs and feeds. Twitter is an amplifier. If the people you follow share your interests, anything popping from there is far more likely to be interesting to you than the average blog entry. I’m a blogaholic and I’ve almost stopped reading blogs in the last couple weeks yet feel more connected.
  2. Breadth – I’ve casually met a lot of people through Twitter due to common friends that I never would have met otherwise.
  3. Depth – You can actually twitter someone that you don’t know well and end up having lunch with them. Or you can just twitter out loud and someone will find you. This is particularly useful in cases where there are large congregations of people with similar interests like conferences, but probably useful anywhere.
  4. Serendipity – I’ve been able to talk to users of our products due to posts on Twitter and that was really cool. There’s no way I would have had that interaction otherwise.

I do understand that Twitter is not for everyone. But so far I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t know if Twitter will survive or not but I think microblogging will in some form.