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Twitter idea of the day: pollbot

22 May 2008

Okay lazyweb, here’s my Twitter idea of the day:

Create a Twitter bot that you can use for instant Twitter-based polls. Create the poll by sending a message to the bot with first word as poll key (I’ll prefix with ? but maybe that’s just over-complicating). Everyone who follows you sees it and then can either reply or direct message their response. The pollbot can announce totals at 30 second interval.

creator: @pollbot what ?undies do you wear?  1:boxers 2:briefs or 3:commando ?
friend1: @pollbot ?undies 1:boxers
friend2: d pollbot ?undies 3
pollbot: ?undies: boxers=1 briefs=0 commando=1

You could make this way more complicated of course and with more thinking you could hopefully even make it simpler. :)

Just wait…the rise of the microformat Twitter bots hasn’t even started yet.