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Favorite Java resources

03 Jun 2008

Ted Neward is looking for the best Java resources so I figured I would answer in blog form, since that’s how I roll.


If I ran into a Java programmer that needed to kick it up a notch I would recommend the following books as three to grow on. Any Java head working today is doing themselves a disservice if they haven’t read these.

  • Effective Java (2nd ed) by Bloch – more useful Java advice than you’ll find in any other shelf of books
  • Java Concurrency in Practice by Goetz et al – great freaking book not just on the Java concurrency libs but on concurrency in general
  • Java Generics and Collections by Naftalin and Wadler – excellent overview of both topics

Web resources

There are of course a near-infinite number of these but here are some that I actually use which probably says something. These are in no particular order.

Mailing lists

Much useful discussion occurs on mailing lists these days, slightly out of the over-exposed and touchy blogosphere. Some of my favorites:

I won’t even try to touch on tools or frameworks as that would be suicide. Hope some of the above are interesting to others.