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07 Jun 2008

Last night was the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event that I’ve written about in the past. Our team was up all night with someone walking at all times. I probably did two and a half hours myself off and on throughout the night but several other team members walked even longer than that.

I heard many sad and amazing stories and it impressed me how widely we are all affected by cancer. One important thing I learned is that the federal funding for cancer research has not grown in the last several years. We need to continue to press our elected officials to support the research. Several cancer researchers were in attendance last night and described some of the amazing work being done right now.

I also participated in the CPS-3 Cancer Prevention Study – it involves giving some blood and answering a survey every couple years for the next 20 years or so. The goal is to do a very wide study to detect the factors (genomic, environmental, etc) that lead to cancer. If you attend a Relay for Life event in your area, please sign up!

For all those who donated on my behalf, thank you for all your support! I raised over $1300 and our team raised about $4500. The event as a whole raised over $202,000!! Amazing stuff. If you would like to donate, you may still do so for another 90 days right here:

Donation page

And if you are interested in attending or participating a Relay for Life event, I would highly recommend it. I found it very rewarding and look forward to doing it again next year.