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DimDim update

30 Jul 2008

I mentioned in my previous post this week on distributed communication that we had tried DimDim but it didn’t really support Macs well enough for us. Proving yet again that it pays to whine on your blog, someone from DimDim contacted me and offered to let us try the upcoming new version that has better support for Macs, including screen sharing.

I ran it through a short test with a meeting between people in San Francisco, St. Louis, Florida, and India. In general, what’s there was minimally working, enough that we could actually have a meeting, so that’s a big step forward. Screen sharing seemed to work ok, although both sharing and audio had enough of a lag to be noticeable and annoying. Audio quality was ok – most of the stuff we use now is better but I’ve certainly used worse.

All in all, if you’re interested in this kind of product, you owe them a chance to check them out. So far they’ve been very receptive to my feedback and I think they are an economical solution for this need. Now if only they had better Linux support… :)