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16 Aug 2008

I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately and listening to podcasts, and I’ve become kind of addicted to podcasts oriented around story-telling. Perhaps the best is This American Life with Ira Glass. This NPR series every week takes a theme and tells a series of stories around it. They do an amazing job of putting together a riveting show every week. You can subscribe on iTunes but to reduce bandwidth they only provide the most recent episode.

Last week’s episode “Fear of Sleep” featured a number of good stories, but the one that stood out for me was Mike Birbiglia’s stories about him acting out his dreams. For one, it’s really funny, as only extended personal stories can be. For another, the presentation is just pitch-perfect – the pauses, the word choice, the pacing, etc. Of course, the comedian background should make this no surprise.

Of course, Mike’s performance was actually taken from a show at The Moth, which I’ve never heard of before. Apparently, they do storytelling shows in both New York and LA. Even better, they have a podcast. :) So, now I’ve been working my way through their podcast and enjoying it immensely.

Anyone else have any favorite story podcasts to share?