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Startup elevator pitch event this Friday

19 Aug 2008

The elevator doors slide closed. Your fellow occupant says “So what do you do? I’m in venture capital.” You turn to him and say……well what do you say? You’ve got moments to make an impression.

This Friday, ITEN will be holding an event to help you hone your startup pitch and meet other IT startup founders in the St. Louis area. It’s the Elevator Pitch Intensive and you can still register to pitch or attend.

Those pitching will gather early and pitch to each other in small groups. Each group will also include mentors from the ITEN (IT Entrepreneur Network) who will help you to practice and perfect your pitch. It’s also a great opportunity to hear what other founders are doing.

From each group, two pitches will be sent to a public round, where everyone is welcome to attend. In this round the pitches will be given to everyone in attendance. If you’re interested in pitching or attending, please register now for planning purposes.

The event will be held at the TEC incubator in downtown St. Louis. Hope to see you there!

Some fun places to look for elevator pitches on the web: