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9 Beet Stretch

17 Sep 2008

This blog started out as an email to Mr. Code to Joy himself but I decided maybe some one of the other replicants reading this blog might find it interesting.

Apparently there is a musical version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony called 9 Beet Stretch. This version is stretched so that it takes 24 hours to play the entire symphony (it’s usually about 75 minutes). The piece has been digitally stretched in a way that preserves pitch.

You can listen to it in a continuous music stream on iTunes if you want. It repeats every day of course… :)

It’s really interesting to listen to for a while. When music is that slow it doesn’t really resolve the way we want and expect it to which makes it kind of very meditative but also somewhat unnerving. The silences when they happen are immense and ominous. Check it out.

You might find this article or this podcast for some context. (The latter has some other awesome stuff in it and I’d recommend it.)