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Repeatedly running a test in the shell

24 Sep 2008

I’ve been playing a little recently on the new stackoverflow site and I must say they’ve nailed a sweet spot. I don’t like everything about the site, but it is way better than every other alternative I’ve used.

Right I’m working on two different Heisenbugs and I needed to just run the test over and over until it failed. In the background. Without me pressing buttons. I know there are 1000 ways to skin this cat, but I’m not a bash / perl / ruby guru and I wanted a solution right now.

So, I posted the question on stackoverflow and in 3 minutes, someone answered it. Within probably 5-10 minutes there were multiple solutions to choose from and I was running with a good one.

Community knowledge for the win! I can’t even guess how much time this saved me either in finding the answer or just suffering and being too lazy to automate.