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Music Club – September 2008

25 Sep 2008

This month in the music club there was a pre-determined theme for every track, which made it a whole lot of fun picking songs. I can’t wait to get everyone else’s mix and see what they picked!

Theme Song Artist Comments
A groovy tune Luv Wax Stymie & the Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra There were a thousand possible songs for this, just picked this random obscure funky tune.
The craziest song you’ve ever heard Squeeze Me Macaroni Mr. Bungle I could easily have picked any song from this album, which blew every conception I had about what people were allowed to record. I picked it up in 1992 at a college record store, knowing only that Mike Patton from Faith No More was the singer. This song is about sex with food and is a pretty good example from the album, although probably not the weirdest thing on it.
Your favorite song from 1986 Don’t Lose My Number Phil Collins In 1986, I was just reaching an age where I actively listened to and bought my first tapes. The first two tapes I ever bought were Phil Collin’s “No Jacket Required” and Genesis’ “Invisible Touch”. So here ya go.
Song you have to headbang to I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister Say what you want but this is a classic.
Song to be played at your funeral I Just Want to Celebrate Rare Earth Firstly, a great song. Secondly, it’s all about celebrating life which is what I’d rather have people who are still alive focusing on when I kick the bucket.
Song about the weather Fool in the Rain Led Zeppelin A classic track containing a couple of the finest drum fills ever recorded.
Song about a body part Dick in a Box Justin Timberlake You probably saw or heard this on Saturday Night Live. Awesome funny.
Song about prison or jail Jailbreak Thin Lizzy Fun song.
Song about money I Paid My Money Ben Folds This is from Ben’s little known Fear of Pop album which was a side project he did during Ben Folds Five. Lots of cool zany stuff on it.
Song about family Family Reserve Lyle Lovett A Lyle tune about everyone in the family dying and finally getting back together again.
Song about a famous person Hasselhoff Johnny Socko The finest ode to the ‘hoff available.
Song about stress Pressure Drop Specials Pressure’s gonna drop on you…

Hope you liked the mix. Try it yourself!