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St. Louis Lambda Lounge December meeting

16 Nov 2008

The Lambda Lounge is a new St. Louis area user group focusing on functional and dynamic languages. The first meeting will be December 4th at 6 pm.

At this point, I think topics for the first meeting have solidified. I’m planning on kicking off the meeting with an open discussion about what functional and dynamic languages are and we can maybe arm wrestle about whether the two have anything to do with each other.

Next, Matt Taylor of G2One SpringSource will talk about Groovy MetaProgramming with Categories and Mixins.

Finally, Ryan Senior of Ferguson Consulting is going to do an overview of OCaml, of which I know not much, other than that it is a mixture of object and functional styles, derived from a ML-style static type system (but with type inference).

Should be a great December meeting. The tentative plan for January (on Wednesday the 7th due to the holiday) is for Mario Aquino to talk about functional programming in either Android or Dashboard widget development and for Mark Volkmann to talk about Squeak Smalltalk.

Hope to see you there!