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Chicago No Fluff conference

22 Nov 2008

I’m sitting in the airport at the moment waiting to head home from the Chicago No Fluff Just Stuff conference, the final stop in the tour for the year. Due to a speaker that couldn’t make it, I picked up a couple extra talks at the last minute. Also due to that juggling, it appears all my slides were kind of messed up for publication and for the USB digital media. I’ve updated all the slides on the No Fluff site so if you login there, you should now be able to access all the slides I actually used at the show. If that still doesn’t work for you, drop me an email (see lower left for contact info).

I had a fun time and got to talk to lots of interesting people from Chicago and a few from Wisconsin. If anyone has follow-up questions, feel free to comment here or drop me a note. Thanks for all the great questions! This is the first time I’ve ever done a Design Patterns talk where no one asked me a question about Singleton. :)

This was my first full year on the NFJS tour and it’s been a fun experience. I’m looking forward to a few months of down time to retire some of the current talks and start putting together some new talks for next year’s tour. If I piqued your curiosity about a particular topic, maybe it’s the basis for a good next talk – if so, please let me know.