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Music Club – December 2008

11 Dec 2008

Time for my final music club mix of the year. You may be expecting a year-end best of but you’ll be disappointed because I have too many cool more recent things to put on instead. But I’ll hopefully have time for a year-end recall in the next couple weeks.

  1. My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now – Stanton Moore – Stanton Moore (drummer for Galactic) released a new album recently that is a collaboration with the long-lived Dirty Dozen Brass Band. It rocks. Check it out.
  2. On Fire – JJ Grey & Mofro – JJ Grey has been doing cool stuff for years – this is my favorite track from their new album Orange Blossoms.
  3. The Panda Rat – Beastie Boys – This is one of several instrumental bonus tracks released after the Beasties’ recent instrumental album.
  4. Yes It’s You – Diana Brown and The Brothers – I don’t recall now how I ran across this track, but it’s rare and awesome. As far as I can tell they just cut this 12″ record (long out of print) and that was it. Great stuff.
  5. The Masterplan – Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe – the flip side
  6. Another Way to Die – Jack White & Alicia Keys – The theme song from the new Bond flick. Hey, I dig it.
  7. Brainwascht – Ben Folds – The first track that caught my ear from the new Ben Folds album. In general, the album as a whole I think is not his best stuff, but I do listen to it some.
  8. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! – Nick Cave & the Bad SeedsNick turned me on to this label sampler and I kinda dug this track, despite not usually digging Nick Cave.
  9. As Is – Ani DiFranco – A re-recording done for the recent iTunes originals. I completely rediscovered this song after her recent concert at the Pageant.
  10. One Day Like This – Elbow – A really beautiful track for the recent Elbow release. Only flaw is the awful “holy cow” thing in the chorus.
  11. Belief – John Mayer – A nice version of this song from Songs for Tibet.
  12. I Believe (In Everything) – JJ Grey & Mofro – more from the new Orange Blossoms album.
  13. Kylie From Connecticut – Ben Folds – more from the new Ben Folds