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JSR 310 needs help!

16 Dec 2008

JSR 310 is the new updated date and time library which could be added in Java 7. However, it’s currently running behind for inclusion in Java 7, according to spec lead Stephen Colebourne. Because other specs (like JDBC and NIO) will have dependencies on JSR 310, it’s important for it to get locked down early.

The great thing is that JSR 310 is an open project and YOU can help. If you can lend some hours to pull this spec over the line, we can still get it in Java 7. I for one am really tired of Date and Calendar and would love to have an updated date and time specification. Can you help?

If so, join the JSR 310 project on java.net and get involved. Obviously, it would help if you had some background in date and time stuff but there are lots of areas needing attention. Wouldn’t it be cool to help on a core part of the JDK?