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2008 Favorites

31 Dec 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, I look back on a pretty great year with a lot of fond memories. I thought I would recount some of my favorites here.

  1. Favorite blog post – Merlin Mann’s post on Writing into Your Arc is a blog post that I have gone back and re-read a half dozen times and recommended to many. As Merlin says, “The question is, what story is it that we’re telling? What is the arc?” That idea continues to burn in my mind and I’ve started to act on it, in some small ways and some big ways. Of all the (considerable) blog posts I read this year, this one stood out big time.
  2. Favorite TV show – If you ventured to check out the previous blog entry from Merlin you probably noticed that it talked heavily about The Wire. In fact, it sounded so awesome that my wife and I started watching it from the beginning. At this point, we’re approaching the end of the 2nd season and totally hooked. The writing is phenomenal – characters are rich, flawed, multi-dimensional people. Acting is equally good across the cast. In short: riveting.
  3. Favorite traveling moment – visiting the Lincoln Memorial the weekend after Obama won the election.
  4. Favorite user group meeting – I went to and spoke at a bunch of user group meetings this year but I have to say the inaugural meeting of the Lambda Lounge was rocking. Can’t wait for the next meeting on January 7th.
  5. Favorite books – I have to give the nod to Dan Roam’s Back of the Napkin for a book that changed my thinking. And to American Shaolin by Matthew Polly for probably the most fun read of the year.
  6. Favorite nachos – Not much contention here. The Black & Tan Nachos at Square One kicked the ass of every other nachos I’ve ever had. Chunky pieces of smoked flank steak, fresh real jalapeno, yummy cheese, aughghghgh…..
  7. Favorite meal – Maybe it’s just the most recent excellent meal but I had the Memphis Pulled Pork Bar-Be-Que a few days ago at Riddle’s Penultimate and oh my god it was great. The description in the menu hints at its awesomeness but does not mention that it is spicy and amazingly tasty: “Whole pork butts from the happy pigs raised hormone- and antibiotic-free by the family farm owners of the Ozark Mountain Pork Co-op in Mountain View, Missouri are dry-rubbed two times, then slow-smoked over hickory wood in our kitchen for nine hours.”
  8. Favorite beer – My favorite find of the year was probably the local O’Fallon 5 Day IPA which for me, hits me just right. We had the Great Divide Hibernation Ale at Riddle’s the other night and that also was a great bear. So many beers, so little time.