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Lambda love

14 Jan 2009

I the new [St. Louis Lambda Lounge](http://lambdalounge.org) group. Two new talks were added today meaning we now have six talks [scheduled](http://lambdalounge.org/schedule) for the next three months.

In February, I’m talking on Actor Concurrency which will be mostly Erlang. Nate Young will be talking about functional programming in Javascript.

In March, Ken Sipe is talking on F# (the Microsoft functional language) and Michael Easter will be talking about monads (mostly in Haskell).

In April, Kyle Cordes will be talking about Factor and Charles Sharp will be doing an overview of Parrot 1.0, the new Perl VM.

In May, we’re planning on doing some kind of a language shootout, details still being discussed.

If you’re in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, you gotta check some of this out. That is an awesome set of talks lined up for a freaking local user group (all local speakers too). I’m so impressed by this group.