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Lambda Lounge February

06 Feb 2009

We had another great Lambda Lounge meeting last night and I saw some new folks again as well, so that was great. Here’s an iPhone pic of the crew:

Some day I’ll remember to bring a proper camera. I did a talk on actor concurrency in Erlang. I did this same talk about a month ago at Code Mash but I altered it a bit for this audience – I dropped everything but the Erlang parts and did more of the sequential Erlang live in the shell instead of from slides. I hope that was helpful for folks. There were lots of good questions about parts of Erlang beyond what I know – I’d highly recommend picking up the Armstrong book and playing with it yourself.

After that, Nate Young walked through some key parts of the lambda calculus and demonstrated their equivalent in Javascript. I thought this was a great talk and really interesting. It made me more interested in both lambda calculus and Javascript. :)

Next month, we’ll again have a heavy functional focus with talks from Ken Sipe on F# and from Mike Easter on monads. Can’t wait!

Many many thanks to Appistry for providing pizza and beer and the location. They are the wind beneath our wings.