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Project Coin – a handful of change

08 Mar 2009

Project Coin is the new place to propose “small language changes” for Java 7. It’s being run by Joe Darcy and it’s open only for a limited time. So far, the mailing list volume has been way too high for me to keep up with. I’m still contemplating how to integrate this information into my Java 7 page.

For the moment, here is a list of all the proposals minus a couple pre-proposals and possibly missing the latest versions although I tried to catch those as they went by. So far, I think the proposals have been mostly good (although I don’t agree with all of them) and the discussion has been mostly good as well. It will be interesting to see how this set of proposals turns into actual language changes.

I wish there was something like this available for JDK changes as well. Right now API changes tend to happen in a very unorganized fashion through several vectors as far as I can tell.