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Cuckoo for Concurrency

27 Mar 2009

A while back, I pointed to an article I wrote for JavaWorld: “Actors in Erlang”. That article was an intro to the hardware trends driving concurrency, Erlang, and actor concurrency in Erlang. Yesterday the follow-up, “Actors on the JVM” was published. Part 2 goes through various actor alternatives on the JVM such as Scala, GParallelizer in Groovy, and Java frameworks Jetlang, Actors Guild, ActorFoundry, and Kilim.

Between the time that part 2 was written and published, a new Java library called Actorom was released, done by the prolific open sourcerer Sergio Bossa. I also regret that I didn’t find time or space to fit in the FunctionalJava version of actors.

Also yesterday, Jonas Bonér posted his slides on alternative concurrency paradigms on the JVM. His slides cover actors but also Clojure’s STM + agents approach, and data flow concurrency. Very cool stuff.

If you’re interested in such stuff, I also do a concurrency link blog of stuff like this for a variety of languages.