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Weekly twitter links (March 30th)

30 Mar 2009

Given that I’ve been diverting a fair amount of attention to posting on Twitter lately (@puredanger) I thought maybe it would be worthwhile dropping the set of links I post there to this blog. I’m on the fence about whether this is actually annoying or useful. I’m sure you’ll let me know. :)

Posted Tweet
23 Mar listening to the new NiN/JA free ep and disappointed tour not coming to St. Louis
23 Mar an inspiring post (as always) from @rands
24 Mar this boggles my mind on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start (re MIT going from Scheme -> Python)
25 Mar @codetojoy love the Grace Hopper post!
25 Mar Mark Reinhold put up a JDK 7 calendar and approved feature list
25 Mar this is a great article on the JOSH stack (JSON, OSGi, Scala, HTTP):
26 Mar Stephen voices an important opinion on JDK 7 vs Java 7 …
26 Mar Glad to see this news. Dumb idea: Missouri Senate defeats 4-day school week option (via @stlnews)
26 Mar Forking JSR 295 Beans Binding?
26 Mar Interesting visualization of the US Trade deficit / surplus (via @brandmania)
26 Mar Terracotta used in tax collection system in South Africa
26 Mar My article "Actor concurrency on JVM" is out:
27 Mar JSR deadlines for JavaOne (via @SunBlogs)
28 Mar pretty cool Haskell tutorial: "Learn You a Haskell for Great Good"
29 Mar Great slides from @jessenoller on concurrency in Python from #pycon
30 Mar @fjossinet some people have had success distributing Clojure with Terracotta
30 Mar Awesome. Grape-sized single-cell creatures discovered rolling themselves across sea floor.
30 Mar Wow. Must read re JDK 7 vs Java 7, Apache licensing, etc.
30 Mar Yet another awesome Lambda Lounge coming up this week, talks on Factor (concatenative language) and Parrot (dyn lang VM)

In the next post, I’ll detail the script I wrote to generate that table automatically, which was even more fun.