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Weekly twitter links (April 6th)

06 Apr 2009

My links from Twitter over the last week (generated):

Posted Tweet
30 Mar how to: Ruby script to scrape my Twitter links in last week, lengthen urls, format as html table
30 Mar JDK 7 Twice as Fast as JDK 6 for Arrays and Arithmetic (via @andreisavu)
30 Mar vote for @Schlafly in best midwest craft brewery (or your favorite of course)…
31 Mar #clojure + #terracotta update (via @pjstadig)
31 Mar @sbtourist @jboner you guys should check out tccache
31 Mar bunch of free indie label mp3 samplers at amazon
31 Mar my favorite new band (courtesy of Pandora): Diplomats of Solid Sound.
31 Mar #clojure on the CLR: Excited? (via @jimdowning)
01 Apr @aaronmcohen the current milestone build includes jsr 203 I believe
01 Apr St. Louis Lambda Lounge coming up Thursday, talks on Factor (concatenative language) and Parrot (dyn lang VM)
01 Apr I am so procrastinating going to the gym by reading Twitter and playing with
01 Apr pretty cool population / co2 visualization – watch (statistically) births, deaths in real time
01 Apr Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #java #terracotta #stlouis
01 Apr #Conficker inspires F# team to release immutable browser (via @codetojoy)
01 Apr Can’t get to – anyone else experiencing FAIL ?
01 Apr ok, hibernate working now…thanks for the backup internet! glad to find too!
01 Apr Cult attacks #OpenJDK, demands Deified Generics in Java (via @codetojoy)
01 Apr creepy…tauntaun sleeping bag:
01 Apr St. Louis Lambda Loungeay Thursday night! talks on Factor (concatenative language) and Parrot (dyn lang VM)
02 Apr @kohlerm @codemonkeyism there is a positive looking prototype for tail calls on jvm, see or
02 Apr @sbtourist clojure: or here’s one on scala:
02 Apr @kohlerm @codemonkeyism @sbtourist regarding comments on tail calls earlier today, missed relevant current thread:
02 Apr LIVE local javaone tweets : (via @JavaOneConf)
03 Apr #lambdalounge once again rocked: (via @scottbale)
03 Apr Kyle Cordes: Factor talk at the Lambda Lounge
03 Apr would goog buying twitter be good or bad?
03 Apr nice interview with Twitter guys about Scala on artima:
03 Apr @paulosuzart I heard Twitter was switching to brainfuck for all new development
04 Apr finally got around to blogging last night’s lambda lounge meeting:
06 Apr nice article on the nature of "state" in programming