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Weekly twitter links (April 12th)

12 Apr 2009

My links from Twitter over the last week (generated):

Posted Tweet
06 Apr From @TheOnion: Soundgarden Inadvertently Reunites at Area Cinnabon
06 Apr 3rd iphone rumors:
06 Apr Kind of feeling like this great Beck song today:
07 Apr Zombie State Machine:
07 Apr Intercontinental Hotels picks Terracotta: (via @ikarzali)
07 Apr Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 63021
08 Apr OpenJDK core libraries call on Thursday
08 Apr So here is the list of JVM stuff which works on AppEngine: . (via @leosoto)
09 Apr Cool perf/memory boosts in String for Java 7:
09 Apr First announcement: I’m creating the Strange Loop developer conference in St. Louis
09 Apr and I’m quite honored that Twitter API lead @al3x will be the keynote speaker at Strange Loop
09 Apr Red Hat formally announced the Teiid data integration project, incl lot of my work from MetaMatrix, glad to see it open
09 Apr Discovered EditConf – for finding and scheduling conferences. Very cool.
09 Apr forgot to mention I am speaking tonight at stl #javasig on "Design Patterns Reconsidered" (thx @scottbale)
09 Apr @dshaw it’s the same talk I did at JavaOne last year so you can get slides and audio if you want :)
09 Apr my office-mate hard at work:
09 Apr Nice article on "Good XXX copy"
10 Apr Alan Bateman has a nice JSR-203/NIO2 update
10 Apr Clojure on Google AppEngine *Sh* (via @haiju)
10 Apr Another very cool graphic visualization from Good Magazine on making smart water footprint choices (via @EnergyCircle)
11 Apr You can now do early bird registration for Strange Loop at ! (via @strangeloop_stl)
11 Apr Woo-hoo, first person registered for Strange Loop!
12 Apr @al3x Thanks for the plug! Get strange in St. Louis: