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Music Club – April 2009

14 Apr 2009

Time for another music club mix. This one is kind of all over the map.

  1. Hurt Me So – The Diplomats of Solid Sound. I found these guys on Pandora I think and I love their latest album The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring the Diplomettes. Great modern soul stuff.
  2. Nobody’s Baby – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. Another great modern soul band. The Dap-Kings also have some reknown from being the band on Amy Winehouse’s album.
  3. Lights Out – The Diplomats of Solid Sound. Another from the same album.
  4. Spanish Fly – A.K.A.C.O.D. Also a Pandora find, these guys can only be described as Morphine-esque. If that’s your mood, this is the band for you.
  5. Make You Move – Danielia Cotton. Saw her at SXSW a couple years ago. Great southern rock vibe. Amazing voice – she literally blew us out of the bar. Maybe that was the sound system.
  6. Clap for the Killers – Street Sweeper. Street Sweeper is a new band that’s just forming and opening for NiN on the NinJA tour. Features Tom Morello (from Rage) and the MC Boots Riley who I know from the last Galactic album. Both awesome of course. I dig the vibe. Interested to see where it goes.
  7. Superwise – Goodness. Goodness was a band in the mid-90s that kicked around with guys like Mike McCready from Pearl Jam up in Seattle but somehow never escaped regional success afaik. I can’t remember now how I ended up getting into them. I like them as sort of a different aspect of what was going on at that time that didn’t really make it out – female vocals, some of the same sounds but more straightforward rocking.
  8. Airstream DriverGomez. Brand new Gomez album just came out! I like it a lot. Here’s one.
  9. All the Girls Love Alice – Elton John. I was listening to a bunch of old stuff with my 4 year old this weekend and he likes Elton John. I happened to run across this one on the box set (disc 2) and I had no memory of the song but I liked it. Him not so much.
  10. This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks. Love this song from the Darjeeling Limited movie. Sets the mood for the whole movie in my opinion. I know my sister hated it and my wife was kind of so-so on it but I really liked it. But then I like most Wes Anderson movies so maybe it’s an acquired taste.
  11. The Admiral Drake – Joe Jackson (story at The Moth). This is actually a podcast from The Moth by Joe Jackson about his early days playing at some rough pubs in UK. The Moth is an awesome awesome podcast of live recordings of people doing story-telling without notes. One of my favorite podcasts.