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Weekly twitter links (April 20th)

20 Apr 2009

My links from Twitter over the last week (generated):

Posted Tweet
13 Apr JavaOne 2009 Script Bowl Call for Proposals:
14 Apr here’s a podcast with me about Terracotta from JavaWorld:
14 Apr nice osgi myths article
14 Apr Terracotta 3.0 Released today! Server array striping boosts throughput dramatically. (via @terracottatech)
15 Apr Awesome – Nate Young is trying to implement the vending machine for Lambda Lounge in brainf*ck
15 Apr Maven users really seem to like @Brian_Fox’s howto summary: (via @jvanzyl)
15 Apr just put together a fairly random mix for my monthly music club
15 Apr apparently jar is super slow but getting fixed in Java 7
15 Apr Nice summary of core java call by @robilad here:
15 Apr @carl_youngblood I assume you mean the core libs talk – that was announced on core-libs-dev mailing list
15 Apr U of I Summer School on Multicore Programming – on-site/online
15 Apr @cemerick Lancet is Stu Halloway’s Ant system written in #Clojure (via @fogus)
15 Apr @iamtheschmitzer how so? seems to be there to me at
16 Apr Check out Free STL Events Gcal: (thanks to @tigeranniemac)
16 Apr Haskell: It’s Like Klingon, but with math!
16 Apr Future of Programming Languages talk with Anders Hejlsberg
17 Apr don’t even ask but here’s a comprehensive set of mushroom cloud pictures from atomic bomb tests
17 Apr Nice … someone asking for GAE with Terracotta support! We need GAE/TC :)
19 Apr Google in pig latin
20 Apr I blogged some more thoughts about Oracle buying Sun and what it means for Java
21 Apr RT @codetojoy: Top 10 Reasons #Java developers fear the #Oracle buyout
21 Apr Nambu is an awesome Twitter client – I have made the switch