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Weekly twitter links (May 5th)

05 May 2009

My links from Twitter over the last week (generated):

Posted Tweet
28 Apr RT C++0x multithreading presentation: @a_williams: My slides from #accu_conf last week are now up:
28 Apr RT @dtothek: Crimes committed by Ferris Bueller during his Day off:
29 Apr RT @jamescarr:New blog post: Hybrid OO/FP talk with Michael Feathers
29 Apr RT @spifbv: Forget tinyurl.com, now you have dickensurl.com!
29 Apr RT @kirillcool: Say hello to shaped and translucent windows as public API in JDK7 –
30 Apr Interesting…Ben Folds releasing an album of versions of his stuff done by various university a capella groups
30 Apr RT @burke_eric: Nice CompletionService examples: #java #concurrency
30 Apr Updated proposal from John Rose to integrate JSR 292 support into the language:
01 May if you want to get me a present, you should donate to my American Cancer Society team. :)
01 May on followfriday I should mention @michaelg putting together his OPML Twitter mass follow app
01 May hey look, you can bid on a special exclusive lunch with me and @ikarzali at javaone on ebay
01 May ok, here’s some Terracotta maps and caches blog for ya:
02 May Lessig for Supreme Court!! Genius!
02 May how Facebook manages 16 billion images
02 May @dmontag it will be out in a month or so at – has to go through editing now
04 May Clojure hits 1.0!
04 May Interesting, SpringSource acquires Hyperic
04 May Dataflow library for Python:
04 May cool xray pinata shirt today at – candy inside glows in the dark :)
04 May RT @emmanuelbernard:Maven cli console
05 May Hibernate query cache secret tips
05 May RT @kebernet: Great onion bit — With the exception that they assert that the plot "makes sense."
05 May St. Louis Lambda Lounge – first language shootout this Thursday at 6 pm!
05 May RT @buzzkills:Excited to see – "It’s not just free music; it’s good music" (via @Openrightsgroup)
05 May Alan Bateman blogs on some JDK 7 file copy examples