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JavaOne 2009 – Java 7 talks

12 May 2009

Every year (can’t believe this is the 3rd year now) I have done a list of Java 7 talks at JavaOne and here’s my list for 2009:

Talk Speaker Relates to
The Java™ Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE Platform) Development Kit Version 7 Mark Reinhold all
Small Language Changes in JDK™ Release 7 Joe Darcy Language changes
The Modular Java™ Platform and Project Jigsaw Mark Reinhold JSR 294, Jigsaw
Modularity in the Java™ Programming Language: JSR 294 and Beyond Alex Buckley JSR 294, Jigsaw
The Modular Java™ Platform: Q&A Alex Buckley, Mark Reinhold JSR 294, Jigsaw
Asynchronous I/O Tricks and Tips Jean-François Arcand, Alan Bateman JSR 203
Grizzly 2.0: Monster Reloaded! Jean-François Arcand, Oleksiy Stashok JSR 203
Hacking the File System with JDK™ Release 7 Alan Bateman, Carl Quinn JSR 203
All Things I/O with JDK™ Release 7 Alan Bateman, Chris Hegarty JSR 203
Language Interoperability on the JVM™ Machine Made Simple Tobias Ivarsson JSR 292
JSR 292 Cookbook John Rose, Christian Thalinger JSR 292
Swing Application Framework Update Alexander Potochkin JSR 296
Simplifying Development and Testing of GUIs with the Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) and FEST Michael Huettermann, Alex Ruiz JSR 296
Preventing Bugs with Pluggable Type Checking Michael Ernst JSR 308
The Collections Connection Joshua Bloch, Kevin Bourrillion, Martin Buchholz java.util
Meet the Java HotSpot™ Virtual Machine Engineering Teams Paul Hohensee, James Melvin jvm, gc
New Security Features in JDK™ Releases 6 and 7 Sean Mullan, Vincent Ryan security
Java™ Programming Language Tools in JDK™ Release 7 Maurizio Cimadamore, Jonathan Gibbons tools