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Music Club – May 2009

28 May 2009

It’s that time again and I’m putting together a mix for our May music club meeting. Most of the time we just put together a mix of anything but occasionally we have a fun theme month. This month, we were provided with a PDF full of 11 pictures, each with a title. Our task was to find a song to go with each picture. I’ve included the pictures here for your reference if you’re curious.

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Picture Song Band</td> Comments
Snow Bridge Down There By The Train Tom Waits Without much thinking at all I came up with glorious Waits ballad that seemed to evoke a lot of the same feelings for me as the picture with the obvious train tie-in.
Escher Take a Look (At Yourself) Guru This great acid jazz song is a properly reflective song about questioning your own motives.
Arbuckle Polka Power! Weird Al This picture is from the brilliant Garfield Minus Garfield and could not help but remind me of Weird Al, well-known for his polka and accordion stylings.
Fear & Loathing One Piece At a Time Tub Ring Tub Ring is definitely gonzo and this version of the Johnny Cash tune goes particularly off the rails at the end with the addition of killer robots.
Dali Tarot I Will Follow You Into The Dark Amy Millan This is a cool Death Cab for Cutie cover and lyrically it just seemed to match the imagery perfectly for me.
Frog Gin and Juice The Gourds This picture was just an excuse for me to include the Gourds’ truly magnificent bluegrass cover of Snoop’s tune.
Beer Fuel to Run Love/Hate Love/Hate is a band so unapologetically enthusiastic about drinking, drunks, getting laid, and rocking out that you can’t help but appreciate them.
Ghetto Blaster Trunk Fulla Amps Self When I saw this picture I immediately thought of this great Self song from their album done entirely on toy instruments. That sounds bad but it’s a great album and this is a great song. I debated whether to include the clean or explicit version and ultimately decided the explicit version was the only way to go.
Man When You Drive Chroma Key This guy reminded me of Thicht Nhat Hanh, the inspirational Buddhist monk and a personal hero of mine. And that reminded me of this Chroma Key track which features him speaking in the background. Chroma Key is Kevin Moore, former keyboard player for Dream Theater.
Band Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured Arctic Monkeys This picture reminded me of a British alternative band for some reason and I picked this song mostly just because I like it.
Festival Funky Bitch Phish Picture looked like a music festival to me and I couldn’t escape from associating that with Phish so here’s a classic.