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Hibernate 3.2.7 withheld from Maven?

08 Jul 2009

In updating some internal projects today, we noticed that the Hibernate 3.2.7 (released last month) library was not uploaded to the JBoss repository. This seems curious as you can see that all previous 3.2 and other 3.3 releases are in the repo, including 3.3.2 which was also released since 3.2.7.

I’m not sure what to make of this exchange on the hibernate-dev mailing list about this question. The statement there is that Hibernate 3.2.x is not built with Maven so they won’t maintain a pom or upload to a repo.

I find this incredibly puzzling. Clearly, Maven is important enough that Hibernate 3.3 uses it and publishes jars for it. And for several years, the Hibernate 3.2.x jars have been put in the repo.

I don’t see why it would have taken any extra effort to write a pom for it since there already was one for 3.2.6 (released earlier this year). In all, I’m just puzzled.

I’m not a big Maven-lover but the reality is that a significant percentage of Java developers use it these days. Of all the things in Maven, the one thing I can get strongly behind is the concept of a standard repository format and the idea of Maven coordinates to find name and find things in a Maven repo. Even if you don’t use Maven to build, it’s not a huge effort to publish your library into a repo where Maven (and Ivy) users can find it reliably.

Maybe the Hibernate gods will hear my plea from this tiny blog island in the sea of the inter-webs…. If you’d like to vote for this issue on the Hibernate issue tracker, here is the link.

UPDATE: Well, the Hibernate guys rejected my request and told me to do it myself. Unfortunately I can’t do that in the central repo since I don’t have the PGP keys for the project and obviously no access to the JBoss repo. In the meantime, I built all the appropriate stuff (although I’m not sure whether anything else needs to be updated from the 3.2.6 pom) and put it here. I still don’t get it.

UPDATE 2: I signed the jars myself and the Sonatype guys uploaded it to the central Maven repo so it is now available.