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Got any thoughts about Ehcache?

15 Sep 2009

I work at Terracotta and you may have heard that we recently acquired the intellectual property for Ehcache and hired Greg Luck, head Ehcachian. Terracotta has long supported a clustered Ehcache integration but we now have the opportunity to do a much tighter level of integration and we are hard at work on it.

We’re hoping to get the first version out in the next month and it is really focused on existing users of Ehcache more so than existing Terracotta or even Terracotta+Ehcache users. We want to make it dead easy to start from Ehcache and move to clustered Ehcache with Terracotta with a minimum of effort.

If you’ve looked at Ehcache with Terracotta integration in the past or are a current user, I think you’ll be impressed with what we’re doing. You should expect to see:

  • Much easier configuration and setup
  • Much lower memory footprint (still in work, but I expect about 1/3 of the old integration)
  • Improved throughput and reduced latency
  • More eviction options, better aligned to existing Ehcache options
  • Ehcache-specific performance visibility in the Terracotta developer console

If you are a current Ehcache user, we would really be interested in hearing your feedback. Feel free to comment here or post on our forums. In particular, we would love to talk to some heavy Ehcache users about how you use it and any issues you might have. If interested, drop me a line.