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New beginnings…

07 Jan 2010

Starting next week I’m moving to a new company Revelytix where I’ll be working on semantic web query technologies. You can expect to see more posts and tweets from me about things like RDF, OWL, SPARQL, etc as I dive into the deep end.

One of the nice things is that we’ll be opening a St. Louis-based development office. I’ll still be working on the JVM but we’re considering using Scala, Clojure, or Groovy for some or all of this project. We are looking to hire a couple of people in St. Louis (no relocation or remote) so drop me a line if this sounds interesting.

The flip side of this of course is that I am leaving Terracotta. This was not an easy decision as the developers at Terracotta are amazingly talented and I learned a tremendous amount about Java, bytecode manipulation, distributed systems, concurrency, and performance testing in my time there.

I have an arrangement to continue doing some speaking, writing, etc about Terracotta and the Ehcache, Quartz, and Hibernate products. I’m really glad to continue my relationship with Terracotta in this capacity and I’m expecting great things from them in 2010. There are a ton of new products and performance enhancements either awaiting imminent release or in heavy development right now so you will see a lot from Terracotta in the coming months.

New year, new beginnings.