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Music Club – Jan 2010

21 Jan 2010

It’s been a while but I’m putting together a Music Club mix so here’s what I came up with…

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Song Band</td> Comments
Wonderlust King Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello was easily the best show I saw in 2009 and probably one of the best shows I’ve seen ever. Holy freaking crap they are great live. This is a classic, re-released on their latest Axis Mundi from some BBC Sessions.
Posed To Be Breakestra featuring Chali 2na, Mixmaster Wolf & DJ Dusk I can’t say the latest Breakestra CD was terribly interesting but this track is funky enough to merit your attention.
On the Run The Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarfs featuring Henry Rollins So when I found out that the new Flaming Lips CD was a cover of Dark Side of the Moon (the whole album) featuring Henry Rollins doing the spoken parts, my brain actually exploded and spewed out my ears. That had such potential to be awesome that I almost couldn’t stand to listen to it in case it didn’t live up to the potential, but I’m glad I did. The Lips (as I expected) did not do some lame covers but really put their own stamp on it and I totally dig it.
Tribal Connection Gogol Bordello Another classic Gogol Bordello track, one of my favorites.
Amongst the Waves Pearl Jam I really, really like the newest Pearl Jam and this track in particular. Maybe my favorite new album and song in 2009. I don’t know how they did it, but Pearl Jam has really continued to evolve and put out new and interesting music.
Boom Flight of the Conchords Just fun.
Sugarfoot Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears Need some funk? Missing James Brown? Check it.
Take It Upon Yourself Sloan If you’ve seen my mixes it will not have escaped you that I became obsessed with Sloan in the last couple years. I really dig this pop gem from their newest EP.
Occurrence On The Border Gogol Bordello Really great track from the soundtrack of the completely unknown movie Wristcutters, which is about a purgatory-like world where everyone goes that has committed suicide. Eugene Hutz, the Gogol Bordello singer and musical force of nature is in the movie as is Tom Waits. Interesting flick.
Hallelujah Imogen Heap I ran across this gem on shuffle – Imogen Heap doing the classic Leonard Cohen song. Great version, not that it’s possible to screw this one up.